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In addition to the books I’ve authored and co-authored, I have written a number of book chapters. These cover topics from the historical to analysis of terrorist organizations.” add the following: For example, I did the research and wrote the narrative that supported the erection of this Texas Historical Marker on Boettcher’s Mill.

An author of multiple books, from Intelligence for Homeland Security to Cybersecurity, post conflict police development in occupied countries, he is also the lead author of Border Security, the only textbook on the topic, used in over 20 degree programs. Now in it’s 3rd Edition, Border Security is the only comprehensive textbook that holistically and non-politically addresses the issues of national security from the perspective.

Dr. Phelps also proofs, reviews, and edits works for others. From theses to dissertations to books, his experience spans many topics and assists faculty and students from around the world. Students in all disciplines who have been neglected by their advisors or found themselves stuck in a program with no path forward, have found themselves with their degree in hand after employing the assistance Dr. Phelps provides. Some of these editorship works include:

Paid Editor of Performance Modelling and Analysis of Communications Networks: A Lecture Note by Phuoc Tran-Gia and Tobias Hosfeld. Wurzburg University Press. This can be viewed here: 

Dr. Fadia Moosa Rasheed Hatamleh, Ph.D. The Political Economy of Environmental and Ecological Security; The Case of the United Arab Emirates.

Paid Editor of The SEKO Assignment: Efficient and Fair Assignment of Students to Multiple Seminars by Tobias Hosfeld. Operations Research and Decisions Journal: Manuscript ID: ORD-00115-2022-02, 2022.

Dr. Safanah Al Badri, Ph.D. Examining Honduran Female Immigration: a multiple-regression analysis of ten years of apprehensions by U.S. border agents against select WORLD BANK measures.

Dr. J. Michael Bozeman, Ph.D. The Language of Suicide Victims and Homicide Offenders in Houston, Texas, Examined through a Grounded Theory Analysis of their Statements: A Qualitative and Exploratory Study.

Dr. Joe Serio, Ph.D. Law Enforcement Perceptions of the Russian Mafia in the United States and Canada.

Frenzel, E., & Phelps, J. (2018). Chapter 11: Cybersecurity Cultural Conflicts: The Problem of Language within the Homeland Security Enterprise. Homeland Security Cultures: Enhancing Values While Fostering Resilience (Rowman & Littlefield).

Phelps, J., Bozeman, J.M., & Koenigsberg, M, (2018). Chapter 4: Comprehending the polar shift in Border Security Culture; restoring effective sovereignty. Homeland Security Cultures: Enhancing Values While Fostering Resilience (Rowman & Littlefield).

Phelps, J., Dailey, J., and Koenigsberg, M. (2015). Border Security: Teacher’s Manual. Durham, N.C.: Carolina Academic Press.

Ekici, A., & Phelps, J. (2008). Recruitment Strategies of the PKK. In S. Teymur & C. Smith (eds.) The PKK: A decades-old brutal Marxist-Leninist separatist terrorist organization. Washington, D.C.: Turkish Institute for Security and Democracy, pp. 39-52.

Demir, I., Phelps, J., and Koenigsberg, M. (2009). Checkmating Police Misconduct: An Exegesis on Self-Mastery in the Ideal Ecology as a Guide to Police Professionalism. In S. Zengin, S. Hancerli, H. Cinoglu, D. Akdeniz, & K. Karademir (eds.) Issues in Criminal Justice. Washington, D.C.: The Turkish Institute for Security and Democracy, pp. 271-277.

Additionally, while a Master’s Student my research into the subject of Boettcher’s Mill resulted in not only a publication but the recognition of the location as historically significant by the Texas Historical Commission. A cast bronze marker was erected on the site in December 2006.

Professor James Phelps Ph.D.

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