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Cyber Security Field

Cybersecurity for management is becoming an essential component across multiple disciplines. In particular, the concepts of communicating management goals and outcomes to information technology and security and vice versa is essential in today’s connected world. All business and organizations of every kind and in every place in the world require the ability to communicate with their technical people. Concurrently, the technicians need to express themselves in an understandable manner to those who often have no comprehension of cybersecurity complexities.

GRC is now a required component of every company and agency. Knowing the governance and compliance issues you face is essential. Evaluating and managing the associated risks for failure to comply is even more important. I’ve has been teaching this material to graduate students for over a decade, from Cyber Law to Risk Management. As a professor, I received my certification as a Chief Information Security Officer by EC-Council for my expertise across domains.

Cyber Conflict and Statecraft

Cybersecurity for The Information Age

Cyber Vulnerability

Constitutional Issues in Cybersecurity

Introduction to Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity Program Development (Business Continuity Planning)

Cybersecurity Governance

Professor James Phelps Ph.D.

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